Pinnacle Church was founded in the spring of 2010 on the grounds of the Pinnacle Golf Club by several of the residents of the community who wished to have a convenient place to worship with friends without having to travel 20-30 minutes.  From the beginning Pinnacle Church has enjoyed excellent, Biblically-sound teaching in a casual atmosphere.

Duane Miller became the pastor in 2015 and, along with the Elder Body and Council, gives leadership to our church. We are, intentionally, not aligned with any specific tradition as we have members who come from almost all in the Christian spectrum.

We call ourselves a Community of Believers. We normally hold services in the Pinnacle Clubhouse, however for special occasions (Like Easter) we return to The Pavilion where we began.   Fellowship around the coffee pot begins at 9 AM on Sunday and Worship is at 9:30

Pinnacle Church is a 501 c3 organization for tax-deductible contributions.