Duane Miller

Crisis of Belief

Crisis comes from the word root for "Decision" Crises force decisions. God confronts us with crises to secure decisions


The Kingdom of God is NOT a future kingdom. It is here. It is now. We are part

The Mother of All Super Bowls

The Kingdom of God is not a geographical or political entity. Believers comprise the Kingdom wherever they are.

Christmas Taxes

Joseph and Mary were taxed physically, financially, and spiritually at the time of Christ's birth

Peace, Indeed!

Jesus is our Peace with God and man. The manger was a Divine Conjunction

Jubilant Joy

Joy overcomes shame, defies circumstance, and is a choice

Limitless Love

Malachi reminds Israel that God has loved them absolutely and resolutely. There is no limit to His love.

Glorious Hope

Zechariah written to encourage people to remember their Covenant relationship with God, to rebuild the Temple, to restore worship, and remember that Messiah is coming.

Wake Up

Giving God a Sacred Space in our lives is and must be first priority


Breaking Covenant with God or another individual is rarely an event. It is more likely an unfortunate process.

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