That You Might Believe

Holy Is Your Name

God's Name is Holy. Name Describes His character. He is worthy of worship, desires our worship, but worship is a choice

In Heaven

Primer on Heaven...our heavenly HOME

Our Father

"Our Father" teaches us that we are a part of the Family of God

And We Know

Essential Words of our Faith "And We Know" He loves us, He protects us, He sacrificed for us, He will work good from any situation that presents to us

We are free from condemnation and guilt because of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Having a chance to begin again offers opportunity to check motives, goals, methods

What Do I Do When I've Blown It?

We are not victims, we are sinners. When we Own our Sin, Admit our sin, and Revise our course, God will forgive, cleanse, and empower

The DEER method for overcoming disappointment and betrayal

We can know beyond any shadow of doubt that our relationship with God and our eternity are secure because of His grace not any of our works

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