Crisis of Belief

Crisis comes from the word root for "Decision" Crises force decisions. God confronts us with crises to secure decisions


The Kingdom of God is NOT a future kingdom. It is here. It is now. We are part

The Mother of All Super Bowls

The Kingdom of God is not a geographical or political entity. Believers comprise the Kingdom wherever they are.

Water, Walls, and Worship Pt 2

Pt 2 of 2

Water, Walls, and Worship Pt 1

Part 1 of 2


Christmas Taxes

Joseph and Mary were taxed physically, financially, and spiritually at the time of Christ's birth

Peace, Indeed!

Jesus is our Peace with God and man. The manger was a Divine Conjunction

Jubilant Joy

Joy overcomes shame, defies circumstance, and is a choice

Limitless Love

Malachi reminds Israel that God has loved them absolutely and resolutely. There is no limit to His love.

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