Bricks Without Straw

The God of Covenant, Hears, Cares, Remembers, and Acts according to His promises

Thank God For America

First Sunday of Freedom Week 2018

The Best Father Ever

Father's Day 2018

Things Worth Remembering

John summarizes his letter by reminding his readers of things worth remembering

Fake News

Satan has been putting out fake news about God since the Garden of Eden. He has no new tricks. But, here is truth: Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, was crucified, dead, buried, rose again, ascended to the Father, and will return for believers. Salvation is by grace through faith in that truth. Anything else is Fake News

Mother's Day 2018

Things we heard Mother say when we were young, came from the Word of God and revealed His heart for us.

Love Is A Verb

Love is more than a word or an emotion. It is an intentional action taken to benefit another.

Covenant Sunday 2018

Entering Covenant with God and one another for the next 12 months

Then What

With God, we are sons, not strangers. We will encounter misunderstanding, God is still faithful. We may not know what tomorrow looks like, but we know we will have a tomorrow. What then? is a question that must be asked and answered. Christians' "then what" is answered with and eternity with God

Building the Altars

Altars are where Israel met with God. Pinnacle Church is to be known for the Altars in our lives and our corporate body. Altars of Prayer, Power, and Purpose.

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