Rejoice, Be Gracious, Don't Worry are commands that result in peace

I Choose YOU

We chosen in Him before the foundation of the world. Salvation not an afterthought

Conclusion of Lord Teach Us to Pray series and First of Advent 2017

Our Daily Bread

You Want Me To Do What

Our view of the Will of God is often selfish and immature

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

God does not tempt. He will navigate us away from the evil one who is the tempter

Who Owns Your French Fries?

Heaven is not a democracy. God is Sovereign King. King of our Lives and King to come Our prayer for His Kingdom to come is an invitation to rule in our lives

That You Might Believe

Holy Is Your Name

God's Name is Holy. Name Describes His character. He is worthy of worship, desires our worship, but worship is a choice

In Heaven

Primer on Heaven...our heavenly HOME

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