Breaking Covenant with God or another individual is rarely an event. It is more likely an unfortunate process.


Judah had bought into 3 fatal lies. First, that God would not judge any wrongs. Second, that self-confidence was all that was needed for success. Third, that they controlled their own future. Zephaniah reminded Judah that God is Holy and will maintain His Holiness.

Hello? God??

Habakkuk saw violence and injustice. He questioned why God would not intervene.


Nahum spoke hope to Israel when situation seemed outrageously wrong. Spoke judgment to Nineveh for outrageous behavior

Minimum Requirements

God's minimum requirements for relationship are faith, just behavior, mercy, and humility

Will God Survive

Edom laughed at the God of Judah. God judged them for their arrogance

Famous Amos

God has a "recipe" for fellows;hip with Him. There is only one recipe..Jesus Christ.

Really God?? Seriously???

Story of Jonah

THE Priority

The (singlular) priority in life is to Love God with all our loyalty, the very fiber of our being, all our mind and strength.

Bricks Without Straw

The God of Covenant, Hears, Cares, Remembers, and Acts according to His promises

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